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We have worked extensively for universities, colleges and online education publishers since 2005. Our approach is to understand how each of the intended audiences learns best, and to capitalise on the sheer joy of learning. Whatever the age and academic standard, the content we deliver should be cognitively challenging and rewarding to experience. 

Memorable visuals and polished, strong design, together with interactive elements, all help to ensure interest and retain audience attention. As well as our animation and graphics departments, our film studios provide a production hub where we can create and produce all of our presented and dramatised content in a superb technical environment. The whole creative team all work under the one roof which ensures the best possible communication at every stage of production.


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Working to brief

We can work from a fully fleshed out script, visuals and interactive elements to produce eLearning content. We are adept at translating challenging narratives and complex ideas into highly watchable content with academic rigour.

Conceptualisation and Scripting

We are often briefed with the aims and desired learning outcomes of a course or curriculum and asked to develop the learning content and concept ourselves. We then usually work with an academic adviser to provide the educational content and help oversee our ideas and script.


Most of our eLearning content is filmed in our studios which are large enough to accommodate ambitious set build designs with crew and cast of at least 50 people. Animation work is devised in the same building so for a production with both animated and live elements, we can still have the whole team working together.


Whereas some of our eLearning content is supplied to clients to stream on their own platforms, we also provide our own high-end live streaming service. This can be accessed for remote directorial and client input from anywhere around the world.

Christiaan Harden

Christiaan Harden

Client Development Director



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