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BBC Bitesize Science

Think like a Scientist

These films offered a question for the audience to analyse and debate with key points from each side of the debate. The objective was to get the audience to think like a scientist and come up with a balanced and evidenced answer. The approach was to pit two scientist against each other head to head. Given most of the scientists have been dead for a good few decades, we used motion tracking and animation to create stylized heads on the bodies of actors that brought our scientists to life.

BBC Bitesize Science

How to Experiments

We were commissioned to create a series of science experiments for an 11 – 14 year old audience using everyday items. Shot in our studios and on location these films make it easy and accessible for experiments to be recreated in the classroom or at home.

BBC Teach

Performance Spoken Language

We had to come up with a creative and visually engaging way to bring the process of spoken language to life. To do this we focused on significant speakers from throughout history and from today, to inspire students to speak.

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