To support location filming we have our own talented film crews and an extensive equipment list that includes our own 4K camera kits, grip equipment and extensive portable LED lighting.

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You can make a bad film from a good script but you can never make a good film from a bad script.

Our writers work to understand the context, subtleties and desired impact of a brief before fleshing out a winning concept and crafting a script.

Camera Shoots

Our versatile camera operators have worked on an incredible variety of shoots in our studios, out on location and overseas. As well as portable LED lighting, our 4K camera packages are often supplemented by a range of high-end grip equipment including handheld, track & dolly, crane, jib and motion control rigs to produce cutting-edge VFX work.

Portable Green Screen Filming

We bring our knowledge of shooting and lighting green screen content in our studios out onto location. Our location set ups range from a simple green colorama roll for indoors to large chromakey drapes hung from truss for outdoor shoots.

By frequently working in our own green screen studios we are particularly adept at a whole range of composite shoots requiring a specialist knowledge of lighting and motion control.

Drone Filming

We have been operating our own equipment both in the UK and overseas for over three years and are fully conversant with the detailed regulations governing drone flights.

The use of drones during the pandemic is especially effective at capturing socially distanced events. Alternatively, the unusual absence of crowds can provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture unique footage.

Live Streaming

From live-mixed, 4K  multi-camera set-ups, to single camera-shoots, our pop-up production team means you can broadcast your event to audiences around the world from any location.

We direct, shoot and vision-mix events to ensure seamless distribution on a wide range of social media platforms, YouTube channels and third party video players like Livestream or Brightcove.


Our animation work is perfect for explaining complex ideas, promoting innovation and making educational content accessible. The benefits are more obvious during a lockdown because creating animation doesn’t depend on contributor availability, locations, travel, or weather.

Having produced hundreds of hours of exceptional animated content, our accomplished team is adept at turning ideas into a winning script, producing original artwork and models, and creating superb films. 


With the opportunity to create offline edits from home, together with high speed connectivity with our archive, our post production service has been largely unaffected by lockdowns. We have a huge resource of proprietary and b-roll content that can be repurposed without the need for new shoots where that proves difficult.

We use Frame.io for live client edit feedback, and our post production skills / licences include Adobe Creative Cloud, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, Avid Pro Tools, and Cinema 4D.

Voiceover Recording

As part of our post-production facility we have a voice over recording suite coupled to an audio mixing room and the ability for clients or directors to listen in to live recordings and provide feedback remotely.

As an alternative, many professional voice artists now work remotely with their own audio recording suites and we can secure and mix voiceover tracks that way.


Our dedicated team of full time staff covers the entire production process from concept through to delivery:

  • Creatives & scriptwriters
  • Producers
  • Directors
  • Camera operators
  • Sound recordists
  • Editors
  • Sound mixers

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Christiaan Harden

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