Kennington Film Studios is our central London studio complex operated by our in-house crews who create and produce award-winning work for our eLearning and university clients.

We have 3 sound stages with the largest studio covering 3,500 sq ft of space. All studios have green screen or white painted infinity coves and are supported by the usual support facilities – make up, green rooms, production offices, kitchens – as well as a stock of 4K camera packages and lighting equipment.

Our Studio Services

Art Department

Our production designers and art directors design and oversee set builds that include shiny floor formats, 3D staging, cooking shows, drama and TVC’s. We supply and store many of our own scenery flats, and our service includes sourcing, buying and storing props, as well as taking a creative lead on wardrobe, hair and makeup.

Camera Shoots

Our versatile camera crews have operated on an incredible variety of work in our studios, often incorporating multi-camera shoots and complex lighting set ups. Our 4K camera packages are often supplemented by a range of high-end grip equipment including handheld, track & dolly, crane, jib and motion control rigs to produce cutting-edge VFX work.

Green Screen Filming

By working in our own green screen studios on a daily basis, we are particularly adept at a whole range of composite shoots requiring a specialist knowledge of lighting and motion control.

The location of our edit suites and after effects specialists on site means that we have all of the resources inhouse to perfect even the most complex set up in camera.

Live Streaming

From lived-mixed, 4K multi-camera set-ups, to single camera-shoots, our integrated studio facilities mean you can broadcast your event to audiences around the world from any location.

We direct, shoot and vision-mix events to ensure seamless distribution on a wide range of social media platforms, YouTube channels and third party video players like Livestream or Brightcove.


Our studio edit suites enable live vision mixing and we use for live client edit feedback, and our post production skills / licences include Adobe Creative Cloud, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, Avid Pro Tools, and Cinema 4D.

The onsite archive offers a huge resource of proprietary and b-roll university content that can be used to supplement studio shoots, especially talking head content where it’s relevant.

Voiceover Recording

As part of our post-production facility we operate a voice over recording suite coupled to an audio mixing room and the ability for clients or directors to listen in to live recordings and provide feedback remotely. This can be a useful adjunct to creating podcasts and extended voiceovers with your talent when they are already with you on the day of the shoot.


STUDIO SIZE: 3,500 ft²

DIMENSIONS: W: 48ft (14.6m) x L: 74.5ft (22.6m) x H: 18ft (5.4m) to the grid

CYC: ‘L’ Shaped White Infinity Cove (Can be painted chroma key green or any colour)

SOUND: Treated for sound recording.

INTERNET: Ethernet available in studio and WI-FI available throughout the building.

ELECTRICITY: 1 x 125a 3 Phase Outlet & 1 x 125a Single Phase Outlet

VENTILATION: 3 x air extractor fans

VEHICLE ACCESS: Through double doors W:10.5ft (3.2m) x 10.5ft (3.2m)


STUDIO SIZE: 740 ft²

DIMENSIONS: W: 23ft (7m) x L: 32ft (9.7m) x H: 12.3ft (3.7m) CYC: ‘U’ Shaped White Infinity Cove (Can be painted chroma key green or any colour)

SOUND: Treated for sound recording

ELECTRICITY: 3 x 63a Single Phase Outlets

INTERNET: Ethernet available in studio and wifi available throughout the building. Studio available with a pre lit package.


STUDIO SIZE: 300 ft²

DIMENSIONS: W: 13ft (4m) x L: 23ft (7m) x H: 10ft (3m)

CYC: ‘U’ Shaped Green Screen Infinity Cove (Can be painted white or any other colour)

SOUND: Treated for sound recording

ELECTRICITY: 4 x 32a Single Phase Outlets

INTERNET:  Wifi available throughout the building.



  • 3 Studios
  • 2 Green Rooms
  • 2 Green Rooms with Make-up Desk
  • 1 Star Green Room
  • 1 Hair and Makeup Room
  • 2 Kitchens
  • 2 Production Offices
  • Car Park
  • Post Production Facility
  • VO Booth
  • WiFi and Hard Wired Internet

Oliver Knight

Oliver Knight

Account Director

T: 020 3405 2271

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