Research Case Studies

Imperial College London

Impact Accelleration Series

We were commissioned to produce a series of research impact films for Imperial. These films were 3 to 4-minutes in length and each covered a different research topic, illustrating the real-world impact of the university’s work.

University of York

50 Years of Research

To celebrate 50 years of cutting edge research by its academics, and in honour of that milestone, University of York commissioned a series of case studies from us, highlighting four different research projects.

Durham University

World of Opportunity

Four research projects formed the basis of this series we produced for Durham University – covering such varied topics as natural disasters, the Middle Ages, energy shortages and observing galaxies. Regardless of the topic and academic, each film is structured around a clear narrative path, focusing on the end goal that project was driving towards.

University of Glasgow 

Research Beacons

We created a 3D animation for the University of Glasgow. The purpose of the animation was to connect the research being done at Glasgow to real-world, contemporary issues. We did this through a scripted VO that highlighted the application and relevance of the research.

Christiaan Harden

Christiaan Harden

Client Development Director

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