Title: University of London International Programmes

Delivery: 30 Second Cinema Ad

Talent: Production, Creative, Studio, Post Production, VFX

What was the brief?

Following the success of our two cinema ads for the University of London International Programmes (Carina who studied in Trinidad and Tobago and Tehreem who studied in Pakistan) we were commissioned by the university to create a further advert for Malaysia, featuring Daniel Chua who studied law with the University of London International Programme.

How did we approach the brief?

Director Clem Bartram was keen to further develop the use of projections that was established in the previous two adverts by back-projecting imagery relating to the contributor’s journey onto three walls.
This approach created the illusion that the contributor was immersed in the location of their studies, bringing the story to life and helping it to stand out online.
Daniel’s story was summarised through voiceover narration and a striking hero shot helped keep consistency with the previous two films.


The film has received over 191,000 views on Youtube alone and has been extremely well received by all who have viewed it.