Title: Questions Worth Asking

Delivery: Fundraising film

Talent: Filming, creative, direction, post-production

“SOAS poses the questions worth asking. Questions that lead to different answers and a different way of viewing the world.”


This statement was the driving force behind our collaboration on a fundraising campaign film with long-term client, SOAS University of London.


What was the brief?


Having produced a successful student recruitment film with the university back in 2014, we were invited to work with the Development, Alumni and External Engagement Directorate on a project to support and drive their fundraising initiative, “Question Worth Asking”. The campaign, coinciding with their centenary celebrations, aims to raise £100 million for academic-led projects, scholarships and student experiences and to transform the SOAS estate.


The brief was to bring the campaign to life by posing some of the questions that SOAS is known for asking. Should we all speak the same language? What happens after war? Will there ever be equality?

How did we approach the brief?


Our approach was inspired by a series of photos generated by the general public for a photo competition SOAS ran last year. It was an opportunity for people to submit images that highlight the intellectual, cultural and inspiring work of this unique institution and showcase the regions SOAS works within.


We decided to bring these photos to life using a technique called parallax which give the still photography a subtle level of movement. We then constructed large semi transparent screens and projected the images for a selection of SOAS staff, students and alumni to view and respond to – prompting them to ask the ‘Questions Worth Asking’.



The result was a bold, impactful piece that resonated with SOAS audiences at the campaign fundraising event held in September 2016 and gained high praise from our clients.



“The team at Maia Films really understood SOAS and what we were looking for in this piece. The film successfully introduces our fundraising campaign and succinctly portrays the way we look at the world. We are very pleased with the outcome.”

Matthew Gorman, Director of Development, Alumni and External Engagement, SOAS University of London


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