Title: RSPCA Assured TVC

Delivery: Television Commercial

Talent: Creative, live-action, animation, direction, filming, post-production, voice-over

What was the brief?

Last year, we were approached by RSPCA Assured (previously Freedom Food), the ethical food label of leading UK animal welfare charity, the RSPCA. The charity wanted to produce a TVC promoting its new RSPCA Assured label. The aim was to make people more aware of the label and, in turn, to help improve the lives of almost 100 million farm animals. Having worked with the charity previously on an animation and documentary series we were delighted to join forces once again on this exciting new project.

How did we approach the brief?

We decided to approach the brief by creating a live-action/animation set in a kitchen on the door of a fridge.  Doodled animals then helped to illustrate the process of assurance whilst revealing the new logo. With the live-action kitchen scene captured on set (as you can see in our short behind the scenes film), each frame of the animation was painstakingly hand-drawn in post-production by our animators Ruaraidh Gillies and Alan Maceachern who slaved away for 3 months to have the ad ready for launch in September. Accompanying the visuals was a poem, brilliantly read by the incredible Sir John Hurt (who thoroughly wooed our production team during his voiceover recording) and this catchy combination of poem and animation has resulted in a bright, engaging TVC that will help ensure better welfare for farm animals.

Naturally, we are delighted with the resulting film.


We worked closely with the RSPCA Assured team to design an advert which would be eye-catching and engaging but also informative – educating and encouraging viewers to buy RSPCA Assured labelled food. The ad launches today (7th September) on Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4 and Dave and we can’t wait to see the results!