Title:Recipes and How to Films

What was the brief?

RSPCA Assured is RSPCA’s ethical food label.

Following the success of quick recipe formats on social media, RSPCA Assured wanted to produce a selection of seasonal recipes that could be released on the website and across social channels. The idea was to use this popular cooking format to broaden the visibility of the brand whilst promoting the cause. 

How did we approach the brief?

Our approach was to pair RSPCA Assured products with quick, simple recipes that could be released in the lead up to seasonal events, including Pancake Day, Easter Sunday, Christmas and Bonfire Night. 

Shot against a plain colourama backdrop, the recipes used stop-motion filming and simple text on screen to bring the recipes to life in a simple, engaging way that placed the product at the fore.


We’ve now released 20 films in the recipe series with a great reception online.
In tandem with the TV ads we’ve been releasing, we’re proud to be promoting this fantastic charity and helping the UK to eat less and eat better.