Title:  Learn English E-Learning

Delivery: 36 educational films, within 6 series

Talent: Creative, scriptwriting, pre-production, set design, set build, animation, live action, studio filming, location filming,

What was the brief?

We were contacted in June 2015 by our client who wanted to create 36 films across six series for their E-Learning platform, in order to aid Spanish children of a variety of age groups and abilities, in learning English.

How did we approach the brief?

We submitted three creative approaches in response to the brief and received such a good response to the ideas that we were commissioned to use all three across the six levels.

Levels 1 & 2 were animated, whilst 3 & 4 were live action shot in the studio. For levels 5 & 6 we conducted the live-action filming on location.

This required an extraordinary amount of pre-planning in order to achieve all the desired styles and approaches within the timeframes, something our production team is extremely well versed in and our filmmakers rose to spectacularly.

For Levels 3 & 4 particularly, our in-house resources were really put to the test as we were tasked with designing and producing three 3m by 7.5m backdrops for use in the studio. Our in-house designer, Juste Halavin did a fantastic job of designing the boards and made sure they fit with the tone of the series.

The key to this project was ensuring we got the scripting exactly right across all 36 episodes.

Due to the carefully crafted syllabus and unit language, we needed to ensure that the scripting was exactly right for the target audience, whilst never exceeding their level of understanding.

Our in-house scriptwriters worked carefully within the language guidelines to create scripts which adhered to the syllabus without compromising the quality of the films themselves.

Informative but also entertaining, the series needed to be watchable and engaging as well as educational, and that is what we were able to achieve.


It successfully incorporated the unit language, the films also maintained a high production value without ever exceeding the original budget allocated.

This combination of education and high quality film content is something that’s quite unique within the ELT market and we were delighted to be involved in the project.