Title: Do Something You Love student recruitment campaign

Talent: Filming, scripting, storyboarding, voice-over recording, post-production, direction and casting

Delivery: TV advert, academic faculty overviews, social platform content 


What was the brief?

London Metropolitan University prides itself on its diverse student body, its fantastic central London location and its unwavering commitment to employability. It was these traits that the university wanted to place at the heart of a brand new video marketing campaign. As well as an overarching TV advert, the project also required a series of faculty and social media films. The films needed to have an element of visual consistency and to be creative and unique enough to stand out from the masses. High production value was key and a story that people could become emotionally invested in was also essential.

How did we approach the brief?

Clear to us from the beginning of this project was that the audience for these films was very broad. London Met attracts an incredibly varied student body and so we needed to create an idea that would span this audience and present an uplifting but also honest representation of students’ London Met experiences. The chosen concept originated with Maia Films producer Clemence Bartram who suggested that a poetic narrative would work well to lead the film and touch on the desired emotions. The idea was then developed further into a chronicle of three students’ personal journeys, allowing us to depict the main student demographics that London Met wanted to target. With the creative signed off, Director Matt Farman was assigned to the project and once our actors were cast, we went about capturing our footage across various London locations. The film was cut at our Post-Production facilities here in Kennington where our poem narrative (penned by none other than the multi-talented Matt Farman) was added and a bespoke track was composed.


The ad went live online and on the Sky AdSmart platform on the 12th October and we’ve already had a great response from everyone at London Met. We at Maia Films thoroughly enjoyed working on the project and are looking forward to starting our next film with them, which begins shooting in the next couple of weeks.