Title: Kingston University


What was the brief?

Following on from our incredibly successful 2017 Clearing Marketing Campaign, Kingston University approached us again to create a film for their 2018 university marketing campaign.

The university marketing campaign brief for 2018 was simple: to inform prospective students about clearing and to let them know that they have different opportunities.

How did we approach the brief?

For this clearing marketing campaign, we’ve identified some key challenges on the brief. These challenges were:

Standing out from the crowd: Competition is fierce when recruiting students through clearing. We needed to create ideas for a clearing marketing campaign that disrupted and demanded attention during this busy period. Once the campaign has achieved this goal the audience will be motivated to find out more about Kingston University.

Timeline: All of the content needs to be ready for June, this will be the first stage in the audience’s clearing journey, where creating awareness will be crucial. All of the films were delivered within a 5-week production cycle.

Casting: This will play a crucial part in the success of the films and connecting with the audience. We will build on last year’s success and include live casting sessions with the client in attendance.

Grabbing attention on social channels: As we have identified, Kingston will not be the only University trying to gain the attention of prospective students during this time. Therefore we must ensure that the social elements of the campaign get the viewer hooked within the first 3 seconds and are designed to be effective on mobile devices.


We worked on the film production, scriptwriting and creative concepts that addressed each challenge. The final delivery included one main film for their YouTube channel, one clearing guide and four social media edits for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Once the film was delivered, we provided guidance on optimisation, making sure that the title, description and tags were searchable on Youtube. We also included customised branded thumbnails.