Title: Discover UCL

Delivery: Brand video, banner ads

What was the brief?

University College London approached Spectrecom Education looking to produce a new brand video that would show students the University’s core ethos, and that it is the “Home of Brave Thinkers”.

The film needed to be fast-paced, energetic and dynamic and had to show the University’s radical history; how it pioneered teaching in innovative subjects, challenged the establishment to accept students on equal terms, and celebrated diversity.

How did we approach the brief?

We approached the brief by first looking at the world around us, with societal issues growing and the political landscape becoming more divisive, we realised that today more than ever we need those who are willing to question and challenge the status quo. UCL has a history of challenging convention, of fighting for equality and turning brave ideas into reality.

We decided to base our film around an inspiring voiceover that would show viewers how UCL nurtures brave thinkers and curious minds. We paired this voiceover with dynamically cut, textural shots that focused on the cutting-edge innovation and ideation being executed at UCL today.

This juxtaposition between the voiceover that highlighted the legacy of the University and the shots that showcased the exciting work being done today, provides the film with a dynamic and energetic feel. This was complemented by a vibrant soundtrack that brought the edit to life.


As well as delivering one main film for UCL’s website and social channels, we also provided them with 2 website banner ads comprised of shots from the main film, to use online, without sound.