Title: Chevening Alumni Film

What was the brief?

Chevening is the UK Governments’ international awards programme, aimed at developing global leaders since 1983. Its objective is to support foreign policy priorities and achieve FCO goals by creating lasting, positive relationships with future leaders, influencers and decision-makers. To achieve these aims, Chevening came to us looking to produce a new piece of video content to raise awareness and promote its scholarship and UK education. 

How did we approach the brief?

Chevening Alumni represent a dynamic network of individuals that challenge convention, explore new ideas and ask difficult questions. Across different professions and nationalities, their voices combine to transform the world. Using our studios, we demonstrated this ability conceptually by filming the growth of a tree – from sapling to fully-grown – and surrounding it with lightbulbs to represent change and development. We then brought the scene to life with projected imagery and sound-design of problems and solutions from around the world, and interview soundbites from real Chevening alumni who had made a difference. We included everything that  best represented the ideas and goals of Chevening in a powerful, emotive piece – brought together with simple yet evocative soundbite, “I have an idea.” On top of this, we also produced five podcasts with each of the alumni involved, where they were given the chance to tell their story.


The client, Communications Manager David Osei, loved the film and was full of praise for every team member involved. He stated that Producer Tom Nejad was “always responsive”, “kept things ticking” and was “the voice of reason”. Osei also mentioned how Creative Eavan Ryan “created the global feel” that the client had hoped for. Finally, Osei shared feedback on Director Clemence Bartram, commenting that she was a “force of nature” who really “understood the brief and was able to drive creative concepts to fruition.”