Title: Breast Cancer and Me

Delivery: Fundraising films, case studies, behind the scenes, research overview film

Talent: Filming, direction, interviews, post-production

What was the brief?

The University of Nottingham do incredible life-saving work into researching ways to find breast cancer early, treat it right and stop it spreading. So, naturally, we were delighted when they selected us to create a suite of films to support their fund-raising campaign#BreastCancerAndMe.

How did we approach the brief?

We were asked to deliver 10 films in this series to be released on different platforms (YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook) and hosted on their website. This series included a main conceptual film, four case studies, four behind-the-scenes trailers and a research overview film.

The films are made up of real stories and unscripted interviews from women at different stages of breast cancer; the main film intercuts between each of them to present one unified monologue. We used a close-up piece-to-camera shot to create an intimate and strong connection with the viewer.

We shot this while also gathering material for the case studies so the challenge in pre-production and post was creating a seamless edit from unscripted and real content.

As a producer, I am particularly delighted with how effectively the concepts and vision in pre-production translated into the shoot and edit. Our client, Sarah Blythe, also told us that our first cut had “been extremely well received. We’ve not produced a film here in the department that has attracted such positive feedback, especially at first cut. Well done to you and the team.”


It is rare to find someone who has not been affected by cancer and the films can therefore be upsetting. The main film in particular is uncompromising and difficult to watch. But it is made up of the realities that these women are experiencing and is a fair reflection of their strength, fortitude and resilience in the face of this devastating disease.

Our huge thanks and best wishes to Leanne, Sue, Caroline and Lisa.

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