Title: GCSE Design & Tech

Delivery: E-learning

Talent: Pre-production, production, direction, location filming, post-production.

What was the brief?

BBC Bitesize wanted to commission a series of films to complement a new suite of content, developed to support GCSE Design and Technology students with the updated curriculum.

There were 15 long form films to make, accompanied by seven social media edits, to engage and inform a 14 to 16-year-old audience.

The films needed to align with the BBC content, be factually correct and accurate, fun and focussed on areas where students needed extra help.

How did we approach the brief?

We approached the brief with two clear goals, the first was to communicate all the necessary learning and the second was to showcase the diverse range of careers available in the design and technology sector.

Our creative centred around the idea that good design often goes unnoticed but bad design, can cause big problems.

We filmed a scene with a design novice, keen to learn about process but ignoring basic design principles, often using the wrong materials or not thinking through the design fully. The result: products and designs that aren’t fit for purpose and sometimes a bit of a mess. We then see a sequence with an industry professional who explains in detail, the material or process that should have been used and why.

The information is complemented by clear and memorable graphics that pull out the key points.


We delivered a suite of bright and engaging content that lends itself to easy learning, fitting in perfectly on the updated Bitesize platform.