Title: March of the Men awareness campaign

Delivery: Social media edits, video seeding and distribution

Talent: Creative, POV filming, Direction, Casting, Post-Production, Seeding, Distribution

What was the brief?

Anthony Nolan are a blood cancer and blood disorder charity whose aim is to save and improve the lives of everyone who needs a stem cell transplant. Every day, they match incredible individuals willing to donate their blood stem cells or bone marrow to people with blood cancer. With only 15% of young men on the register, the campaign ‘March of the Men’ was launched to motivate young men into signing up to be potential life savers

How did we approach the brief?

This film is totally geared around its intended audience of young men – we were focused on creating a relevant, optimistic and positive film though it is dealing with an often very sad subject matter.

The most unusual element to this film is the shooting style – this is all shot from the point of view of the protagonist. We had never filmed in this way before so in pre-production, we spent time researching and practicing, experimenting with different lenses and how the actor needs to interact with the camera to perpetuate this illusion.

From a production point of view, this was filmed over two days – at a location house and on the mean streets of Kennington. An unexpected bonus from this project was greater connection with our neighborhood as we needed to get filming permission for all the front doors nearby – and ended up meeting a lot of lovely people on the way.

Naturally, we are delighted with the resulting film.


We are currently managing and implementing a distribution and seeding package for the campaign to gain maximum traction online. The films are running on Facebook, YouTube – in-stream and on display – and are being hosted on multiple websites and blogs through the outreach campaign. The film has had over 70,000 combined views at the time of writing and counting!