Published: 5th May 2024

How to Leverage Video Production for Universities

In today’s digital era, video production plays a pivotal role in enhancing the visibility and appeal of educational institutions. Universities, in particular, can leverage video content in diverse ways to boost their marketing efforts, attract prospective students, engage alumni, and showcase academic excellence. This comprehensive guide explores the multifaceted uses of video production for universities, highlighting its impact on student recruitment, fundraising, and beyond.

Video Marketing for Student Recruitment

Universities are increasingly turning to video marketing to connect with potential students in a compelling way. From virtual tours to student testimonials, video content can capture the vibrancy and diversity of campus life more effectively than any other medium. Here are a few key strategies:

Virtual Campus Tours

Offer prospective students a virtual walk through the campuses using high-quality videos that highlight key facilities, such as libraries, laboratories, and the campus grounds. These tours can also include interactive elements like clickable information spots that provide more details about specific facilities or programmes.

Student Testimonials

Share experiences from current students and alumni through engaging interviews or documentary-style videos that speak directly to prospective students’ concerns and aspirations. Highlight diverse student backgrounds to showcase the university’s inclusive environment.

Admissions Process Guides

Simplify the admissions process with informative videos that guide prospective students through application steps, financial aid options, and course selections. These videos can include tips from admissions counsellors and FAQs to help students prepare their applications.

Enhancing University Branding and Outreach

Effective branding is crucial for universities to differentiate themselves in a competitive educational landscape. Video content can play a crucial role in these branding efforts:

Departmental Showcases

Create videos for each department highlighting faculty expertise, research initiatives, and unique offerings. These videos can also include mini-lectures or demonstrations to provide a taste of the academic experience.

Collaborative Projects 

Produce videos that showcase collaborative projects between departments or with external partners, emphasising the university’s commitment to innovative, interdisciplinary work. Highlight how these collaborations have led to breakthroughs or improvements in certain fields.

Check out this example for Queen Mary University

Promotional Videos: 

Develop high-impact videos for use in TV, online, and Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising highlighting the university’s strengths and key differentiators. These videos should be visually striking and designed to capture attention quickly, with clear calls to action directing viewers to learn more online.

Take a look at this TVC we created for the University of Suffolk 

Fundraising and Alumni Engagement

Video can also be a powerful tool in fundraising and alumni engagement strategies. By emotionally engaging alumni and donors, videos can significantly boost the impact of fundraising campaigns:

Impact Videos 

Show the real-world impact of donations with videos that feature beneficiary testimonials and updates on how funds are being used. For instance, showcase a new building funded by donations or a scholarship recipient who has achieved academic and professional success.

Event Highlights 

Use video to capture key moments from alumni events and fundraising galas, which can then be shared online to extend the event’s reach and encourage future participation. Include speeches, notable performances, and alumni interactions to create a compelling narrative.

Alumni Stories: 

Produce narrative-driven pieces that feature successful alumni, underscoring the value of their education and inspiring others to give back. Focus on a variety of paths, from entrepreneurial ventures to public service, to illustrate the diverse impacts of the university’s education.

Showcasing Research and Academic Achievements

Videos are excellent for demonstrating the university’s academic prowess and research achievements:

Research Project Case Studies 

Create detailed videos about groundbreaking research projects, explaining complex information in accessible terms and highlighting the university’s role in advancing knowledge. These can include interviews with lead researchers and visuals explaining the research process and findings.

Course Introduction Videos

Introduce new courses and programs through videos that detail curriculum highlights, teaching methods, and potential career paths for students. These videos can help attract students by providing clear, engaging information about what they can expect and how it will benefit their careers.

Expert Commentary

Feature faculty experts in short, topical videos that address current events or ongoing research, positioning them as thought leaders in their fields. These videos can be shared on social media to reach a broader audience and enhance the university’s reputation as a centre of expertise.

Video production offers a versatile and effective means for universities to enhance their visibility, engage with multiple stakeholders, and showcase their educational and research capabilities. By embracing a strategic approach to video content, universities can not only enrich their marketing and communications efforts but also foster a deeper connection with their communities and stakeholders. With the right content strategy, video can transform how universities communicate their value and impact.

Hatty Wilmoth

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