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Arden University

Go Get Going TV Ad

Maia Films created this fully animated TVC for Arden University. Our concept was to highlight how Arden challenges the conventions of the traditional university experience. We used single objects transitioning from one to the next and a fast-paced voiceover to communicate Arden’s offering to prospective students.

University of Northampton

Your Future Starts Here TV Ad 

University of Northampton came to Maia Films looking to commission a 30-second cinema, TV and online advert to coincide with the launch of their new brand. They wanted something abstract that would demonstrate their ”super-supportive and future-focused” personality and their ability to offer a “positive impact.” One point in the brief particularly stood out for us -“Avoid evil clichés and aim to surprise where possible”. Challenge accepted. In short, Northampton wanted something unlike any other university brand.

London Metropolitan University

Cosmos Brand Launch

Using the new ‘Cosmos’ logo as the basis for the structure design, we created (with help from the design and tech teams within London Met) a three-metre tall replica in its image; a spiraling pattern of 84 ‘atoms’ meticulously built from aluminum, neon lights and an abundance of plastic tubes.

These tubes were then filled with objects that best represented the University’s faculties. Students, academics and staff alike spent a week deliberating on the items that would best represent them and their contribution to the university and, once the process was complete, the result was spectacular.

The completed structure was finally revealed at a special event in London Met’s Great Hall to a select group of spectators. Captured on film from start to finish, the resulting piece was a unique chronicle of this collaborative project that brought faculties together over a common cause.

Christiaan Harden

Christiaan Harden

Client Development Director

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