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Imperial College London

We Are Imperial Alumni

Imperial College London approached Maia Films wanting to create a film that would instil a deep sense of pride in its graduating classes and encourage them to maintain a relationship with the university into the future. As a regular client of ours, we were excited to be a part of this alumni showcase film. The brief was simple, create a poetic and inspiring film that was deeply connected to the Imperial experience. The film had to be completed in a 3-month time frame to coincide with the first graduation ceremonies of 2019.

Durham University

Do You Remember The First Time You Saw Durham? 

Durham University’s Alumni Relations Office approached Maia Films looking to produce a film that would encourage alumni to reconnect with the city and the university long after graduating. The film needed to recreate the emotions alumni felt when they first set eyes on Durham Cathedral, (normally on the way to their interview) as they approached on the train from the south. This stunning view of the city and the cathedral, which appears as the train passes over the viaduct, is often accredited as the point at which alumni ‘fell in love’ with Durham. With this in mind, our concept needed to place this awe-inspiring view at its heart.

University of Northampton

Honorary Graduate – Ben Saunders

During the University of Northampton’s 2016 summer graduation ceremonies, two carefully selected Honorands received honorary degrees. These awardees were Polar explorer Ben Saunders and leather industry expert Christine Powley-Williams. The university asked Maia Films to produce profile piece video productions featuring Ben and Christine, talking about their life, work and connection to the university. The films were to be shown at the ceremonies ahead of their speech to the graduating audience.

Christiaan Harden

Christiaan Harden

Client Development Director

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