Our Mission

In the post-covid world, Maia Films will build on our successes with the education and charity sectors by helping to innovate and capitalise on the rapid growth of online engagement in traditional video, eLearning and virtual events. For universities specifically, a major new project will see us developing a video platform that aims to give students a voice within the academic framework. 

The way we work and the legacy we leave is as important as the services we provide to our clients.

Our interest in wanting to support deprived communities in developing countries, animal conservation and the environment, is neatly encapsulated by the hugely valuable work of Tusk Trust and we will continue to support them.

Filming with young local trainees in Deptford Ceek (2006)

Much closer to home in our inner city community, we have started our own volunteering initiative working with local partners to provide media training for young local people. Together with the government’s Kickstart scheme, we are encouraging and nurturing new talent to build into our future team.